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CdSe Quantum Dots Doped WS2 Nanoflowers for Enhanced Solar Hydrogen Production

Authors: Mahider Tekalgne, Amirhossein Hasani, Quyet Van Le, Thang Phan Nguyen, Kyoung Soon Choi, Tae Hyung Lee, Ho Won Jang, Zhengtang Luo, Soo Young Kim
Publication date: 2019
Journal: physica status solidi (a)
In this paper, a facile method for synthesizing WS2 nanoflowers (NFs) and CdSe quantum dots (QDs) using hydrothermal and hot injection methods, are reported, respectively. Additionally, the photocatalytic activity of a CdSe QDs/WS2 NF nanocomposite is analyzed in a typical three‐electrode electrochemical cell. It is found that the CdSe QDs/WS2 NF hybrid exhibits a current density of −1.12 mA at 0 V and a Tafel slope of 82 mV dec−1, which are superior to the values of bare WS2 NFs (current density of −0.25 mA and Tafel slope of 150 mV dec−1). This improvement of photocatalytic performance is attributed to the wide range of light absorption for e/h+generation provided by the CdSe QDs, as well as the large surface area and numerous active sites for hydrogen production provided by WS2 NFs. Therefore, the CdSe QDs/WS2 NF hybrid structure is a promising candidate for highly effective and stable …

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