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Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots for Light‐Emitting Diodes: Properties, Synthesis, Applications, and Outlooks

Quyet Van Le, Kootak Hong, Ho Won Jang, Soo Young Kim
Recently, quantum dot light‐emitting devices have drawn significant attention in the field of display technologies due to their low power consumption, high color purity, and solution processability. Among these, halide perovskite quantum dots (HPQDs) have emerged as the most efficient quantum dots for light‐emitting applications, with photoluminescence quantum yields (PLQYs) approaching 100%. In this Review, the current progress of HPQDs, including their synthesis, properties, and applications in light‐emitting devices, are summarized and discussed. First, the optical and physical properties of HPQDs and their advantages as emissive layers in light‐emitting devices are discussed. Next, synthetic strategies for the synthesis of high‐quality and high‐PLQY HPQDs are introduced. Subsequently, critical parameters affecting the properties and structures of HPQDs, such as the role of surface passivation, fast anion …

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