Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structure and Photocatalytic Properties of La/Bi Co-Doped NaTaO3

Nguyen Thi Lan1)Le Gia Phan2)Luc Huy Hoang2)Bui Doan Huan1)Le Van Hong3)Trinh Xuan Anh1)Huynh Dang Chinh1)

1) School of Chemical Engineering, HUST 2) Faculty of Physics, HNUE 3) Duy Tan University

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La/Bi co-doped NaTaO3 nanomaterials for photocatalytic applications have been successfully synthesized by hydrothermal method at low temperature. The obtained materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and UV-Vis molecular absorption spectroscopy. The results showed that the particle sizes of La/Bi co-doped NaTaO3 were smaller than that of the pure NaTaO3. La/Bi co-doping has extended optical absorption in the visible light region and then successfully increased photocatalytic activity of the La/Bi-codoped NaTaO3 that were evaluated by degradation of methylene blue (MB).


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