Kinklike structures in an arcsin real scalar dynamics

Diego R. Granado, Elisama E.M. Lima



In this paper, we analyze kink-like analytical solutions in a real scalar theory with an arcsin dynamics inspired by the arcsin electrodynamics presented in Kruglov (2015). This analysis is done by means of the first-order formalism. This formalism provides a framework where the equations of motion can be simplified by preserving the linear stability of the theory. In this work, the deformation procedure is implemented with the aim of finding exact solutions in systems with generalized dynamics. Along the paper, we explore how the first-order formalism is implemented in the arcsin kinetics and how such a term influences the kink-like solutions. As a part of the result of our paper, we show that the kink-like solutions are similar to the ones obtained in the standard scalar kinetic theory. We also show that the extra parameter, that controls the non-linearities of the model, plays an essential role in the energy densities and stability potentials. These quantities vary according to this parameter. The goals here are to show how the first-order framework is implemented in this arcsin scenario and to present the analytical kink-like solutions that can be found by means of the first-order framework and deformation method.

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