One- and two-photon-induced magneto-optical properties of hyperbolic-type quantum wells

Nguyen D. Hien, Doan V.Thuan, C.A. Duque, E. Feddi, F. Dujardin, Le T.T. Phuong, Bui D. Hoi, Chuong V. Nguyen, Le T.N. Tu, Huynh V. Phuc, Nguyen N. Hieu



We investigate the combined effects of hydrostatic pressure, Al-concentration, temperature, and well-width parameter on the magneto-optical absorption properties (MOAPs) of a hyperbolic-type quantum well (HTQW). The results covered all possible processes: both phonon absorption and emission as well as both one- and two-photon. Our results show that the MOAPs of the HTQW significantly depend on the pressure, the Al-concentration, the temperature, and the well-width. We also suggest two new expressions for the dependence of the full-width at half-maximum on the pressure and concentration which need an experimental study to evaluate their validity. Our study provides a systematic results of the combined effects of pressure, Al-concentration, temperature, electron-phonon scattering, and the two-photon absorption on the nonlinear optical properties of such two-dimensional semiconductors, which would be useful for the applications in photonic devices.

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