Structural behavior and Judd–Ofelt intensity parameter of Sr 3 B 2 O 6 :Eu 3+ Sr3B2O6:Eu3+ phosphor

Ho Van Tuyen1, *
Nguyen Manh Son2
Vu Xuan Quang1

1Duy Tan University, Danang, Vietnam

2College of Sciences, Hue University, Vietnam

*Corresponding author.


Received: 18 July 2015
Revised: 24 September 2015
Accepted: 27 September 2015
Published: 6 November 2015



In this study, the Sr 3 B 2 O 6 :Eu 3+  Sr3B2O6:Eu3+ phosphors were synthesized using combustion process and the annealing treatment. Structural behaviors of the prepared phosphor were explored by using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectra analysis and optical characteristics were studied by excitation and photoluminescence spectra. The phonon sideband (PSB) spectrum associated with  7 F 0  7F0 5 D 2  5D2 excitation transition was used to estimate the electron–phonon coupling constant (g) and local structure of the Eu 3+  Eu3+ ions with its surrounding ligands. Judd–Ofelt (J–O) intensity parameters obtained from emission spectra have been used to evaluate the local site symmetry around Eu 3+  Eu3+ ions.

Keywords: Sr 3 B 2 O 6  Sr3B2O6 ; phonon sideband; Raman characteristic; Judd–Ofelt intensity parameters
PACS: 42.70.–a

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