Tuning the electronic properties of GaS monolayer by strain engineering and electric

Khang D. Pham, Vo T.T. Vi, Doan V. Thuan, Nguyen V. Hieu, Chuong V. Nguyen, Huynh V. Phuc, Bui D. Hoi, Le T.T. Phuong, Nguyen Q. Cuong, Dung V. Lu, Nguyen N. Hieu



In the present study, the effects of the strain engineering and electric field on electronic properties of the GaS monolayer are investigated by ab initioinvestigations. Our calculated results demonstrate that the GaS monolayer is a semi-conductor with a large indirect bandgap of 2.568 eV at the equilibrium. In the presence of a biaxial strain, the band structure of the GaS monolayer, especially the conduction band, changes significantly. However, while the effect of compressive strain on the energy gap of the GaS monolayer is quite weak, its energy gap depends strongly on the tensile strain. On the other hand, external electric fields can cause the semiconductor–metal transition in the monolayer. Being able to control electronic properties, especially the occurrence of the semiconductor–metal phase transition, makes the GaS monolayer a prospective material for nanoelectromechanical and nanospintronic applications.


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