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Năm 2015

[24] V.V. Ilyasov, Chuong V. Nguyen, I.V. Ershov, Chien D. Nguyen,  Nguyen N. HieuModulation of the band structure in bilayer zigzag graphene nanoribbons on hexagonal boron nitride using the force and electric fields, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 154 (2015) Pages 78–83.

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[22] Peng Hong Liem, Hoai Nam Tran, Tagor Malem Sembiring, Design optimization of a new homogeneous reactor for medical radioisotope Mo-99/Tc-99m productionProgress in Nuclear Energy (6 pages) (In press).

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Năm 2014

[18] D.P. Kozlenko, A.V. Rutkauskas, N.T. Dang, N.O. Golosova, S.E. Kichanov, L.S. Dubrovinsky, H.-P. Liermann, W. Morgenroth, B.N. Savenko, “Pressure-induced antiferromagnet-ferromagnet transition and a change in the spin state of Co in La0.5Ba0.5CoO2.8”, JETP Letters 100(6) (2014) 380–384.

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[14] Huynh Vinh Phuc, Tran Cong Phong, and Nguyen Ngoc HieuNonpolar Optical Phonon-Assisted Cyclotron Resonance Via Multi-photon Absorption Process in Cylindrical Quantum Wire, Integrated Ferroelectrics, 155 (Issue 1) (2014), 1-8. (SCI)

[13] Nguyen Ngoc Hieu and Nguyen Van Hieu, Peierls instability in (5,5) and (9,0) carbon nanotubes: Effect of torsional strain on band gap, Phys. Status Solidi B 251 (2014) 1614–1618 (SCI).

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[10] Hai Yen Nguyen, Willy Daney de Marcillac, Clotilde Lethiec, Ngoc Hong Phan, Catherine Schwob, Agnès Maître, Quang Liem Nguyen, Van Vu Le, Paul Bénalloul, Laurent Coolen, Pham Thu Nga, Synthesis and optical properties of core/shell ternary/ternary CdZnSe/ZnSeS quantum dots, Optical Materials 36 (2014) 1534

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[8] Van-Nham Phan, Holger Fehske and Klaus W. Becker, Linear response within the projector-based renormalization method: many-body corrections beyond the random phase approximation, Eur. Phys. J. B 87 (2014) 66

Năm 2013

[7] Van-Nham Phan, Klaus W. Becker and Holger Fehske, Excitonic condensation due to electron-phonon interaction, Phys. Rev. B 88 (2013) 205123

[6] Ho Khac Hieu and Vu Van Hung, Pressure-dependent EXAFS mean-square relative displacements of germanium and silicon crystals, High Pressure Research 33 (2013) 768

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[1] Phan Van Do, Vu Phi Tuyen, Vu Xuan Quang, Nguyen Trong Thanh, Vu Thi Thai Ha, Ho Van Tuyen, Nicholas M. Khaidukov, Julián Marcazzó, Yong-Ill Lee and Bui The Huy, Optical properties and Judd–Ofelt parameters of Dy3+ doped K2GdF5 single crystal, Optical Materials 35 (2013) 1636

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