Electric field and substrate–induced modulation of spin-polarized transport in graphene nanoribbons on A3B5 semiconductors

Victor V. Ilyasov, Chuong V. Nguyen, Igor V. Ershov and Nguyen N. Hieu, J. Appl. Phys. 117, 174309 (2015)



In this work, we present the density functional theory calculations of the effect of an oriented electric field on the electronic structure and spin-polarized transport in a one dimensional (1D) zigzag graphene nanoribbon (ZGNR) channel placed on a wide bandgap semiconductor of the A3B5 type. Our calculations show that carrier mobility in the 1D semiconductor channel of the ZGNR/A3B5(0001) type is in the range from 1.7×104 to 30.5×104 cm2/Vs and can be controlled by an electric field. In particular, at the critical value of the positive potential, even though hole mobility in an one-dimensional 8-ZGNR/h-BN semiconductor channel for spin down electron subsystems is equal to zero, hole mobility can be increased to 4.1×105 cm2/Vs for spin up electron subsystems. We found that band gap and carrier mobility in a 1D semiconductor channel of the ZGNR/A3B5(0001) type depend strongly on an external electric field. With these extraordinary properties, ZGNR/A3B5(0001) can become a promising materials for application in nanospintronic devices.

See more: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4919920

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